Island Drinks

The Painkiller

2-4 oz. of Pusser's Rum 4 oz. pineapple juice 1 oz. cream of coconut 1 oz. orange juice Grated fresh nutmeg

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice add first four ingredients and stir.

Pour into cocktail glasses and top with grated nutmeg.

The original:

Dark & Stormy

1-2 shots Gosling's Premium Black Rum (or your favorite dark rum)

4 oz. Gosling's ginger beer (or your favorite brand of ginger beer)

Lime wedge

Its quite simple: Add ice to a tall glass. Fill ⅔ - ¾ full with ginger beer. Top with dark rum. Squeeze a wedge of lime. Enjoy!

Adjust quantities to your liking, typical ratio is about 4 shots of ginger beer to 2 shots of rum.

The original:

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