8 Reasons I Adore MIAMI

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Rediscovering My Inner Florida Girl.

At 18, I left my mom’s home to embark upon my young life’s journey. I was determined to get out of “boring” Tampa and see all the wonders of the world. I only made it about 4 hours away to Gainesville, Florida, which was just far enough to come home on weekends for a good meal and launder dirty clothes. My passion for travel was fueled further when the Navy shuffled us around to places like Panama and Germany. I honestly never thought I would want to slow down or even settle back in my home state of Florida. In my young eyes, Florida had giant oak trees with creepy hanging spanish moss, alligators, stucco houses with terra cotta roofs, pastry made with guava, dirty organic citrus hanging off the tree, and everything seemed the colors of soft pink and seafoam green. All the things I thought were tacky about Florida are all the reasons I’m falling in love again. Particularly South Florida.

8 Reasons I Adore South Florida:

Lush Tropical Foliage

My favorite tree is a Banyan. It reminds me of something Tarzan would swing from as he hollers through the jungle. They look prehistoric with giant roots growing like ribbons across the ground and roots that hang like ropes. Don't be surprised if you see an iguana or 3 hanging out above in the limbs. You will also find giant tropical plants like elephant ears, and wild orchids.

Visit: Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden

Visit: Vizcaya Museum and Gardens