I love treasure! Not the brown wooden chest of gold you find deep on the ocean floor or buried under an X in the sand. But a tangible piece of history that adorns your bookshelf and evokes pleasant memories of a time and place.

I may come by this trait honestly as my grandfather rode his trike through the neighborhood, digging through the trash. And my favorite aunt made a living salvaging everything from 8-foot tall restaurant mascots to marble staircases and stained glass panels the size of a large door. The saying "One mans junk is another man treasure" resonated with me at a young age, and I believe the influence that set me in motion to seek a degree in interior design. Wherever I travel, It brings me great joy to find a treasure that will evoke fond memories of the places I have visited. From jewelry to shoes, art, and pottery. Here are a few things that I have collected along the way.

Gold & Coral earrings from Zlarin Croatia

Zlarin is a small dalmatian island near the city of Šibenik.

Gold earrings , called" verzice" are the traditional Konavle jewelry . The earring is a simple annular shape decorated with a real pearl , coral , enamel , tiny metal granules or various combinations of these materials .